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SmartBuyGlasses Top Summer Destinations
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SmartBuyGlasses Top Summer Destinations

SmartBuyGlasses Top Summer Destinations

Warmer and sunny days, a new energy and positive vibes all around. That time of the year has come when you start picturing yourself sunbathing on a beautiful beach, going to parties with friends or just chilling in a new city, without having to worry about waking up early the next morning. But where to? Not an easy decision and the mere idea of browsing the web in search of the perfect summer destination is not appealing at all. We at SmartBuyGlasses thought of creating a little guide for you. Seaside landscapes or history and art lover? Luxury travel or on a budget? We’ve got you covered! Not only did we create a travel guide with the top summer destinations but, of course, we also found the perfect sunglasses for each destination!



Also known as Cote d’Azur, this little slice of paradise is located in the south of France and it offers different landscapes from sea scenes to fields of lavender. Thanks to its elegant and glamorous style, this is one of the favorite destination of many international celebs such as Kate Moss, Queen B  and Leo Di Caprio. Head to Saint-Tropez, Nice and allow yourself some luxury by spending a night in Monaco.  To capture the spirit of the place, choose a sophisticated pair that represents at the same time the light and airy French Riviera style and this Dior Liner is the one. Light pink and blue colors apt for the beach and a cat eye frame shape to walk through the luxury boutiques that fill the streets.
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Does “Roman Holiday” ring a bell? We are obviously talking about the eternal city of Rome and who doesn’t want to visit this city on the back of a Vespa as Audrey Hepburn did? For this, we could not think of a better sunglasses collection – Céline Audrey – epitomizing the class and bon ton style of the great actress. Wearing a pair of this, like the Celine CL 41805, will make you feel like a real Hollywood star, surrounded by the magnificent art of Rome. Visit the Colosseum, the perfect backdrop to a little Roman Holiday romance, then walk through Piazza Venezia and get enraptured by the Sistine Chapel. Don’t forget to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain whilst having a delicious Italian ice-cream.

Forget about the world and jump on a plane to Indonesia. First destination is Bali, the island of Gods, where you will find sun and seaside, relax, culture and spirituality and at night…dinner on the beach (but that goes without saying). Then take a fast boat service to the Gili Islands, an archipelago of three coralline islands. This is the perfect place if you’re looking for a postcard landscape, if you love scuba diving as well as being in contact with an unspoilt nature. Trawangan is known as the party island and it is popular among young people. Lastly, just like Julia Roberts, you can go to Ubud, cultural center of Bali, to leave behind the cumulative stress and find your inner peace. In Indonesia you go back to the origins, to the essential, and therefore you need a minimalist pair like this one from our house brand LMNT. Essential but never boring.
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Dubai is the representation of modern development that never stops. It has undergone a radical change over the last decade and the “new things” in the city are the ones which are being built. Dubai is the city of records: the highest tower and restaurant in the world, the fastest elevator, the biggest shopping mall and the widest artificial island. Everything shines like gold and we do not want you to be outdone. This Fendi pair for women incorporates two diamond-styled elements on the rose gold frames that will make you shine endlessly. While wearing diamonds might not be great for men, we thought of this impeccable Gucci pair – synonym of luxury. With the logo colors on the temples, you won’t go unnoticed and even the Emiratis will admire your style 😉 A little hint: you don’t need to be loaded to afford a vacation there, just remember to book way in advance!
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The name speaks for itself – Ibiza – the queen of the summer islands. Perfect for friends, couples and even families, this is the place if you really want to let loose. In Ibiza, there’s no need to fuss and fret about your outfit, however a pair of stunning sunglasses will upscale your casual summery style. For ladies, choose ivory to capture the freshness of the island with this Saint Laurent; simple but chic to pass by the VIP areas such as the Ushuaïa Beach Club and the port with its palatial yachts. With a similar color, guys can opt for this Wayfarer Ice Pops which is fresh, cool and with a sugary taste like the cocktails you will be sipping for the happy hour. The night is made for dancing with the most famous DJs! A few names? David Guetta at Pacha or Above&Beyond at Amnesia.
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What are you waiting for? Choose your dream destination and start packing! Remember to always wear your sunnies to protect your eyes. All our sunglasses come with UV protection lenses. You can find more styles and sizes here.

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