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3 Festival Must-Visits This Summer
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3 Festival Must-Visits This Summer

3 Festival Must-Visits This Summer

There are so many summer festivals to choose from… The choice is so hard – there is obviously the Glastonbury Festival in England, the Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Rock im Park, the Wireless Festival, the EXIT festival… Then you have to decide if you want to try something different this year and go for heavy metal or should you rather stick with the good old rock?

To make the decision a little bit easier for you, we have picked three festivals out and we will feature four sunglasses each that we think you should definitely wear to them. Sunglasses never go out of fashion, so if you are not lucky enough to have the sun laughing down on you, at least everybody will notice the latest trends on you.

Rock am Ring (June 2-4)

The festival in southwest Germany never disappoints. Even though it doesn’t take place at Nurburgring anymore, where usually the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton turn their rounds, it is still one of the top-festivals in Germany. The organizers found a new location in the Mendig Air Base not far from the original location.

Also this year, international and national artists come together in the hills of the Eifel to rock until the mountains are shaking. Again the line-up is impressive and won’t disappoint. With System of a Down, Simple Plan, and Living End the international lists of performers is far from finished and also nationally Germany has lots to offer. After their amazing show last year Rammstein is up again and also Materia and Kraftklub will be present.

Here you can find a list of all performing artists.

So, which sunglasses are a must have at Rock am Ring?


OMW 1 summer festivals sunglasses

With these sunglasses you definitely get noticed. They meet the trend of 2017: Wooden sunglasses. The cateye frames give your faceshape a better outline and the bold wooden edges highlight the dark lenses. If you never miss any trend, these are the sunglasses you have to choose.



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Aviator Sunglasses are an evergreen for every festival, but why should you keep them simple? Choose something special, like yellow, pink, or blue lenses. It is festival season afterall, you are allowed to break the rules and break free of any convention. Be a rebell and go for Polaroid sunglasses.


ray ban

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Ray-Ban sunglasses are since 100 years stylish and they will still be stylish in 100 years. There recent designs merge the traditional frames with bright colors, so that you won’t be too elegant on a festival like Rock am Ring. The bright yellow lenses ensure that you stick out in the crowd of people.



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But if you, despite our suggestions, say you want something traditional that still bears some uniqueness, we recommend Oakley sunglasses. Their bold wayfarer frames in black will cover you well in the masses of black at Rock am Ring. On second sight, however, some people will recognize your fashion sense.

Creamfields (August 24-27)

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Also this year the legendary Creamfields Festival will heat up the little town of Daresbury in England. After it has been moved out from Liverpool in 2006 due to space issues, it is now held annually in Daresbury. There have been several spin-offs all over the world, but the one in Daresbury remains number one.

For four days this festival will electrify the 60,000 daily visitors and the best DJ’s of the world will come and perform only for you. Also this year, the line-up includes the big players of the industry with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Gerrix, and DIPLO. But of course also the national scene is represented by Marshmellow, Faithless, and Pendulum.

Here you can find a list of all performing artists.

Then remains only the question which sunglasses you should take.



With these statement sunglasses you are even able to get your makeup right, when you don’t have a mirror at hand. At the same time, these sunnies are able to hide your tired eyes and deep eyerings from partying three days straight.


Carrera GRAND PRIX 2 T4M_9O summer festivals

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Single lense sunglasses are an evergreen and Carrera entices us for years with their sportive designs. Even though they are seen most often in black, their range are not limited to dark single lense sunglasses. You can get them in various colors, like this model in blue.



Round sunglasses simply belong to festivals like air. They fit perfectly into the hippy-look that is still fashionable for festivals. With Le Specs round sunglasses you also show courage. Not everybody would choose pink sunglasses for a festival like Creamfields.



Adidas Originals might be first of all a sport brand, but their sunglasses are suitable for festivals as well. Saw the picture above? Yes, you will definitely draw a lot of attention with these lenses and at the same time you contribute to the light show going on up on stage. Isn’t that awesome?

Sziget (August 9-16)

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The Pop Festival in Hungary makes Budapest the place to be in 2017. With over 1,000 line-ups each year, it is one of the largest festivals in Europe. For one whole week, in the north of Budapest amazing concerts of the greatest pop music artists in the world will take place.

The list is not complete yet, but some performers have already been anounced. Among others there will be Pink, Billy Talent and Paul van Dijk performing. But the artists of Hungary do not need to hide behind these big names. Bash O Drom, Bohemian Betryars, and Firkin are just some of the national bands performing.

Here you can find a list of all performing artists.

Made the decision yet? Great! So we can move on to the next question. Which Sunglasses you should definitly take with you. Let’s face it, nobody wants to take their beautiful Fendi Sunglasses with them. They definitly would be perfect, but it is so easy to lose or break sunglasses in the crowds of people. That would be a shame! So, we only chose sunglasses that cost less than 100$, so you will still look stylish as ever.

So, what sunglasses to choose?



На роботу як на свято:) нарешті тепло і можна вибратись за межі міста, щоб познімати красу❤ Має бути красивезна зйомка, побажайте нам гарної погоди😀 ••• А ще я дуже довольна новими “старими” окулярами, які втопила в Індійському океані і нещодавно знайшла такі ж в Польщі на знижках. ••• Якщо ви шукаєте не дорогі але брендові речі – рекомендую звертатись до @yulia.strutynska в неї можна знайти всякі модні штучки❤ ••• #moschinosunglasses #moschino

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Moschino is known for their crazy designs, so it is perfect for a festival like Sziget. The cateye framses ensure that your face is well defined and the black and white color of the frame will go with any color that you choose for your outfit.


Seafolly-Monterey-1612619 summer festivals

Seafolly has not yet received a lot of attention yet, but that doesn’t mean that their sunglasses are any less stylish; quite the opposite is true. Their designs and colors remind of the sea and warm escapes, but a festival in the outskirts of Budapest is also a great occasion to wear these sunglasses.



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White sunglasses are like white phones, elegant and stylish. Together with the orange lenses, Bollé Sunglasses are perfect for Sziget. Imagine how the white takes up the blue light and how the yellow lenses will glow in the dark. These sunglasses definitely don’t need to disappear into your bag during nighttime.


Auay-Australia-QW-000046-BLK-BLUE summer festivals

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These ice blue lenses will cool you down in the heat of Sziget. The cateye frame will not only make you look special, but they also draw the eyes of everybody around out and let’s not forget: You will take amazing selfies with these sunnies.

We showed you three festivals that you must visit this season. Did you notice? It is no problem for you to visit all three of them! We also showed you three sunglasses for less than 100$ that you can take to each one of them without worries. Anyways, we wish you lots of fun!

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