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Discover the best food for your eyes!
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Discover the best food for your eyes!

Discover the best food for your eyes!

Every year, October 16th is the day upon which we reflect upon our relationship with food. A day for joyously celebrating the abundance and diversity of delicious treats, but also solemnly recognising the stark and horrifying inequality in access to food, and the need to address it. Each year World Food Day takes on a theme and 2016 raises the importance of modifying habits and practices to adapt to our changing climate. The theme highlights one issue per year, but that doesn’t mean that the other topics of food are forgotten.  Here at SmartBuyGlasses we know the importance that diet plays in maintaining good eye health, so to celebrate World Food Day we have for you a special guide for making your eyes love your food in more ways than one! Here are the best 7 food for eyes!

Best food for healthy eyes


Chock full of Vitamin C and antioxidants, Blueberries are renowned as a true superfood. They hold an extra bonus for eye health with all that Vitamin C being super important for staving off the development of cataracts. Throw some into a smoothie, sprinkle over some yogurt or a dessert, or just grab a handful as a sweet treat on their own, you can’t go wrong with a punnet of blueberries!

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More than just the key to having huge bulging muscles like Popeye, spinach is packed full of antioxidants and offers your eyes protection against the damage caused by light. (Click To Tweet) A remarkably versatile veggie, Spinach is a great substitute for lettuce in most salads, baked into a pastry or casserole as the perfect foil for some lovely, sharp cheese or else tossed around a pan with some garlic and almonds for a fantastic and healthy side.

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Do we even need to tell you about this one? Your mum was telling the truth when she told you to finish your carrots! The vitamin D in the humble carrot is a huge factor in overall eye health, making your eyesight stronger, sharper and clearer. Carrots are easy to add as a side to any dish or in a stir-fry, but a raw carrot chopped into little strips becomes a delicious and healthy alternative to crackers for enjoying your favourite dip.

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It’s all very well to have lots of antioxidants in your diet, but how do you make sure you are getting the most from them? That’s where walnuts come in. As well as being a scrumptious and adaptable nut, walnuts are full of zinc which aids the absorption of antioxidants. In addition, like in many nuts, you’ll find walnuts full of Omega 3 and Vitamin E, which all do wonders for your overall eye health. Walnuts add great texture and flavour to salads, both savoury and sweet, or as part of a trail mix or a standalone snack.

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There is so much goodness jam packed into an avocado that we could dedicate and entire article to its benefits for eye health. Suffice to say that the tasty green flesh of an avocado contains more than 20 different vitamins and has the power to neutralise many harmful toxins which can cause serious damage to your eye health. Squash some of that green goodness onto a nice bit of bread, sprinkle with a little salt and some super sweet tomatoes, and you’ll have one of the easiest and nicest breakfasts imaginable.

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With such a variety of colours and flavours, everyone can find a pepper to suit their taste. Which is just as well because they are super high in Vitamin C and the magical Lutein, which helps a lot in protecting your eyes from the horrors of Macular Degeneration. The breadth of the pepper family means that it is almost always possible to include some form of pepper into your diet. A lovely red capsicum is extra delicious when roasted and stuffed, and adding a little chilli will add vigour to any dish needing a little spice. Just remember to be careful!

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Salmon is great. Even people who don’t like fish like Salmon. It is a whole lot more than a delicious meal though as the oil and fatty acids inside Salmon are crucial for avoiding Macular Degeneration and preventing Dry Eye disease. Baked and served with a tangy sauce can turn a simple midweek dinner into a feast, while the Scandinavian special of cold smoked salmon with nothing more than a slice of lemon and a sprig of dill is all you need to remind you how simplicity is sometimes best.

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What are your favorite food for eyes?

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