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The Last Days of Autumn Eyewear

The Last Days of Autumn Eyewear

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As autumn comes to a close it’s time to maximize the use of your stunning autumn eyewear before it’s too late. Those sexy Tom Ford sunglasses are great for fall, but not as useful in the cold dredges of winter.

Autumn colors are bolder, more vibrant, they have more texture and they are just all around warmer. So what do you do when fall turns to winter and your wardrobe starts to turn obsolete? You can maximize your time in your autumn wardrobe by extending autumn’s colors into winter ever to subtly. You can still wear your Tom Fords if you pair them with vibrant scarves and more texture. Pair those items with the soft, clean-lined colors of winter and you just might be able to extend your autumn wardrobe into winter.

One distinguishing Hallmark of winter wear are the clean lines, soft fabrics and total lack of texture in the same way that fall is all about the overload of texture and vibrancy. Winter calls for whites, grays, blacks and other bland colors on bland fabrics. In winter, you don’t combat the season because it will win. You go along with the colors of winter and blend into the background. In terms of eyewear, you’ll find white, grey, metal and clean-lined sunglasses and eyeglasses will be more in style. We’re talking Ray-Ban Aviator eyewear etc. These shades offer more in terms of blending with nature’s winter hues than combating them, like Ed Hardy or Alexander McQueen shades would in winter.