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Sexiest Sunglasses

Sexiest Sunglasses

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Sexiness can be achieved with accessories. The easiest way to add feminine charm and sex appeal is through bold, womanly sunglasses like the frilly, charming Dior shades. Your eyes are the first things people will notice about you. If you don’t dress them up to add sex appeal, how can you expect to keep someone’s attention? You can pluck those brows all you want, add all the eye liner and shadow, but sunglasses are what will really make your eyes pop. Glasses will as well, so don’t skimp on this very important accessory.

One way to know if a pair of glasses or sunglasses you have picked out are sexy or if they just look functional, is to imagine them on a celebrity and then think if they would make the celebrity look better, or bland. If the answer isn’t that they add crazy appeal then don’t buy them. That goes for both genders. You don’t see Brad Pitt or George Clooney in sunglasses that look like they came from a gas station. So don’t do that to your own face.

Heading down the body, you can add flare and fun to your look by pairing your sunglasses or eyeglasses with other accompanying accessories. For example, the image here shows a lady in sexy, intricate hold frames with soft auburn tinted lenses. Consider a purple or red scarf to draw out the red hues. What about a gold necklace or ear rings to help draw attention to the temple bars? Pairing up accessories is one way to get more bang for your buck and draw attention where you want it.

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