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In The Spirit Of Independence: Presidents in Sunglasses
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In The Spirit Of Independence: Presidents in Sunglasses

In The Spirit Of Independence: Presidents in Sunglasses

Presidential Eyewear Style

To celebrate this 4th of July we are giving you the best Sunglasses you can rock so you can look as cool as the Leaders of the Free World. This summer you can look as stylish as your favorite presidents by adopting these stylish eyewear trends.

President Obama ft. Ray-Ban RB4258

There is no doubt that President Obama is one of the most stylish Presidents out there.In this image President Obama is rocking Oliver Peoples Sunglasses that are worth $480. YES, that’s right $480. President Obama has this laid back cool thing he’s got going on and here is how you can adopt his eyewear style without burning a hole in your pocket.


Image credit: zap2it

These bad boys have the same cool stylish vibe as the pair President Obama is rocking. You can never go wrong with these, this is the kind of pair you can wear in a suit or casual depending on the event.

President Sunglasses, Independence day


Vice President Joe Biden ft. Ray-Ban RB3025

Vice President Joe Biden has a collection of Double Bridge Ray-Ban Sunglasses which he showed off in the Whitehouse correspondence spoof. In the Whitehouse Correspondence Dinner spoof he is shown with a collection of Aviator Ray-Ban and he is trying to choose which one he should wear. Of course it was for the laughs but you could learn a thing or two from the Vice President. These are some of the wide range option that you could also have in Ray-Ban for this some so you could be as cool as the VP.


 Image credit: GQ.com

President Sunglasses

President John F. Kennedy ft. Ray-Ban RB4226 / Ray-Ban RB3136

We cannot talk about Presidents and Sunglasses without including President John F. Kennedy. He always looked stylish in shades of different types. These are two of our favorites.


Image credit: pinterest

JFK’s sunglass game was strong and this is how you can look as cool as the 35th POTUS.


JFK Independence Day Ray-Ban Sunglasses 2

These Original Wayfarer Classics are just the pair you need to get that JFK eyewear style. The style is synonymous with iconic figures from artists, musicians and influential celebrities in history. You can rock these for that cool classic stylish vibe.



 Image credit: nerdcommovement

JFK Independence Day Ray-Ban Sunglasses 5

The Ray-Ban RB3136 have stood the taste of time as they are still a show stopper to this day. This pair is still trending and stylish for this summer. This pair goes well in a suit, that presidential formal look.

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