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Fantastic Sunglasses for Winter

Fantastic Sunglasses for Winter

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For most people, winter is a time of rest and relaxation. Of staying indoors, staying warm and lathering on pounds of lotion. But it doesn’t have to be a recluses’ season. Get fashionable for winter and trudge through the tundra to some of the more intimate and fun parties of the year. True, it’s freezing outside but that doesn’t mean the fun stops! Here are some tips for a fun, wacky and wild winter wardrobe that includes the best brands for winter, like Versace, and how to pair them with the warm clothing you need to stay safe.

Versace is a great winter brand because it’s already intricate, mostly white and bold enough to be a show-stopper. While everyone else is buried in scarves and hats, look fashionable in your Versace sunglasses and handbag. For shoes, you’ll want to go over the top with big furry boots that have tassels and good grip. Don’t sacrifice function for fashion in winter, you can find brands that carry both.

Sunglasses in winter are a must. Without them, the sun is at it’s harshest because there is very little shade from trees and clouds, and of course there are more wet reflective surfaces in winter like puddles, ice and snow. In fact, your eyes can get more damaged from the sun in winter than in summer for many of these reasons. Additionally, people forget to protect themselves in winter so they neglect sunscreen and sunglasses all winter, damaging their skin and eyes. Don’t be a fool, get fashionable and protected this winter!

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