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Best Sunglasses of 2016: What did we wear?
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Best Sunglasses of 2016: What did we wear?

Best Sunglasses of 2016: What did we wear?

The Best Sunglasses of #2016

If we had to guess, we’d say that rocking the best sunglasses, Kanye West’s Yeezy’s and Adidas, were some of the many well-known trends for the fashion conscious this year. However, we will admit that it is perhaps a little biased of us to slot the general term ‘best glasses’ into the dynamic duo that is Kanye and Adidas. They have after all, equally determined and ruled the look of street wear around the world. From London to Sydney to New York, the three stripes and the Yeezy’s were spotted almost everywhere. But what’s a pair of Yeezy’s or Ultra Boosts without adding star-inspired sun or eyeglasses to complete your look? SmartBuyGlasses weighs in on the best glasses of 2016.

The Cat-Eye Glasses

For ladies, the retro design is equally trendy in both glasses and sunglasses (when the frame is a little more exaggerated and of course, feminine). The cat-eye glasses are still chic, with even bolder and thicker frames to match your evocative style. Stella McCartney has designed the best cat-eye frames of the year.

The Clear Frame Glasses

Clear frames have become an on-trend look this year. Whether one can pull them off or not is entirely up to their sense of hip-ness.

Transparent frames have after all been deemed funky, fashionable and able to suit any outfit or complexion. If you’re into a lighter, cleaner and more modern look this season, then these translucent frames are the perfect facial furnish choice for you. If you feel as though the glasses might make you look too vintage-y or just plain boring, you could always opt for a pair of transparent framed sunglasses from Oakley instead.


Mirrored-Lens Glasses

Next on our list are the one and only mirrored-lens glasses. These reflective optical-coated glasses are non-ephemeral, eccentric, fun and wearable for every season.They can be worn when relaxing near the pool or prepping to ski the alps in Mont Blanc.


The Round Frame Glasses

Our final top glasses trend goes to the legendary Round Frame. We’ve seen these frames on music legends and fictional ones too. The craze over this trend is often linked to music and fictional  icons John Lennon and Harry Potter. We absolutely love how the round frame has continuously revived the youth era of the 60’s up until now. It’s 2016 and we’re unable to think of a frame that is more iconic.

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Would you add a pair of our best sunglasses to your favourites list? Let us know!

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