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10 Life Hacks For Summer and Accesories At The Beach
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10 Life Hacks For Summer and Accesories At The Beach

10 Life Hacks For Summer and Accesories At The Beach

There’s nothing better than the feeling of summer slowly sneaking its way in. You can finally trade in your jeans for shorts, head outdoors to the beach, enjoy the sun beaming on your face and incorporate all kinds of refreshing salads and beverages into your diet. The allure of summer can quickly wear off though as we crack our heads for a way to stay cool, calm and insect free. As we approach summer, it’s important to have some nifty hacks to help you stay looking fresh as the temperature rises – especially at the beach.  Find a solution to your most common summer woes with our super smart hacks for a summer at the beach. Click to Tweet

1. Decide whether you REALLY need certain accessories at the beach.

When you’re at the beach, seriously Instagram worthy pics are a no-brainer but is it really feasible to do that, head back to your hotel, drop your phone and then return for a dip in the sea? We’re guessing the answer is yes – if you’re staying near the beach, or even at the beach.  If however, you’re staying a bit further away, then it’s best to consider whether you really need to take accessories like your phone to the beach. Yes pictures are lovely, but is it worth getting sand in your phone? Why not try a disposable camera?


2. Get your most important accessory ready.

Whether you’re a surfer, a sailor or a beach bum, the one item you shouldn’t be caught dead without is a pair of sunglassesClick to Tweet. Not only are they fashionable, they’re a pretty practical way to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. With the dazzling array of features available today, you can add your prescription as well as pick from a whole range of special treatments like anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti reflective coatings.


3. Fashion a purse friendly safe.

Forget about buying a beach locker – you’ll get ripped off every time! We have the cheapest way to protect your belongings… and you don’t need much more than items we’re guaranteed you already have at home…like a used sunscreen bottle for example. All you need to do is clean it out, pop in your keys plus any other pint-sized valuables and there you have it – an undercover lock! Unless they’re a shade of color not dissimilar to mozzarella,  thieves are highly unlikely to try and pinch your sunscreen bottle.  Another option is to wrap your valuables in a disposable nappy or a tampon box. This is guaranteed to put off male thieves in particular!

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 4. Waterproof Phone Protection

For those of you who are past the heydays of nearly indestructible, shatter proof phones, you might want to try and pop your phone is a seal-able plastic bag. You can still use the touch screen and you won’t have to worry about water or pesky sand particles contaminating your phone.


 5. Not broken? Upgrade it.

No one wants to spend precious time trying to contort themselves into the perfect starfish so their towel doesn’t blow away in the wind, or worse still, your accessories. Instead of trying to keep your hands and feet glued to the corners of your towel, why not try sewing pockets onto each corner? Pockets can be used to store your phone and other belongings which are best kept away from sand and water. You’ll also avoid your towel blowing away at the slightest gust of wind as they’ll act like a weight!

towel pockets

6. Sweaty feet?

This is a common curse of hot weather. Your best bet? Baby powder! Pop some baby powder in your shoes to absorb any sweat and keep your feet smelling fresh.


 7. Shoe Life Support

If you’re one of those people who prefers to wear shoes or sneakers on the beach, then this hack is for you as we’re sure you’d like to head back home with shoes which haven’t been completely damaged by contact with water. To avoid this, all you need to do is rub beeswax onto your shoes and voilà – your shoes are waterproof.


 8. Slip proof your glasses

How would you feel if you found out that you could stop your glasses from slipping with a simple accessory which you have on your wrist almost all the time (gents you can borrow your girlfriend’s or mom’s)?  Yes, all you need is a hair band for this life changing hack.  Grab two thin hair ties (the same shade as your glasses) and wrap them around the temple pieces . This should hold your glasses in place more firmly, stopping them from slipping.


 9.  Make sure you have the right products to clean your accessories.

Microfiber cloths are best for cleaning accessories like your camera or glasses. Make sure you have these handy. If you’re unlucky and manage to get scratches on your glasses, check out our guide to remove scratches.


10. End your summer at the beach on a high.

There’s nothing worse than heading back home after an amazing day at the beach and jumping on your car seat like a cat on a hot stove, or burning your palms on the steering wheel. We can’t help with the car seat situation but, we can recommend you turn your steering wheel back 180 degrees (before you get out of the car!) to avoid burning the crap out of your hands when you are heading home.


And there you have it – all the hacks you’ll need to have a fuss free summer.

P.S We know that deep down, beyond all the problems you can avoid with our hacks, losing expensive sunglasses at the beach is the worst. Check out our collection of uber-trendy sunglasses at a fraction of the price!

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