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American Sunglasses & Eyeglasses Brands

American Sunglasses & Eyeglasses Brands

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Hey, Americans! We’re quickly approaching the chaos and excitement that arrives every four years with electing our Commander-In-Chief. I’m going to try my best to be patriotic here and recommend some of the most American brands of glasses and sunglasses. Click through the photos to see the entire lineup of eyewear! Be sure to scroll to the end to see the poll. So, without further ado:

Ray-Ban Eyewear
In style since their inception in the 1950s, Ray-Ban sunglasses could be the most American eyewear brand available. Ray-Ban Aviator, Ray-Ban Wayfarer, and were worn by stars such as Tom Cruise, presidents like John F. Kennedy, and were featured prominently in classic american films like the Blues Brothers and Top Gun. They’ll always be our…wingman?

Maui Jim Eyewear
Talk about a unique brand. Maui Jim has built up an incomparable brand image by incorporating the Hawaiian island lifestyle into every one of their frames. With model names like Aloha Friday, its hard for anyone to resist. Can you hear those waves? I’m going to pack my bags…

Nike Eyewear
Straight outta Oregon. Oregon: America. Oregon is that place where you can find: Beavers, runners, hipsters, Nature, Playmates, and Nike. These are American things. Nike. America. Check out the Nike sunglasses & eyeglasses after the click.

Marc Jacobs Eyewear
Time to class it up a bit. Sure, he lives in France, but he is one of Time’s “Most Influential People” and totally American. In addition to the Marc Jacobs line, the brand also produces the more affordable Marc by Marc Jacobs collection sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Calvin Klein & CK Eyewear
Born in the Bronx! I’m pretty sure Calvin Klein was the first designer I’d ever heard of. Then again, my knowledge of designers is equatable with a Briton’s familiarity with Kansas City Barbecue.


Brooks Brothers Eyewear
Wikipedia “Fact”: Brooks Brothers is the oldest men’s clothing store in the USA. They’re a trusted, classic brand. For nearly 200 years gentlemen have been rocking the Brooks Brothers suits…see JFK, for instance.

Arnette Eyewear
Uh, Brooks Brothers isn’t extreme enough for you? Alright, check out Arnette. Surfing, skating, and boarding set the tone for this one. They continue to produce great eyewear and sponsor some of the best skaters and surfers on the planet.

Electric Eyewear
Subsidiary of Volcom, Electric Visual makes sunglasses that are totally unique…CHECK OUT THOSE LENSES. So. Much. Color. They also make a ridiculously awesome selection of Electric goggles for skiing and snowboarding as well.

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