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Vale Fashion and Cookies: New York dreamin’
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Vale Fashion and Cookies: New York dreamin’

Vale Fashion and Cookies: New York dreamin’

Vale Fashion and Cookies: New York dreamin’

This month we had the pleasure to have a chat with the sweet Valentina, writer of the Fashion and Cookies blog, who shared with us a very interesting point of view about fashion and blogging – “Fashion is a universal language”. Based in Italy with NYC in her heart, Valentina was able to reach an international audience thanks to her versatile style as well as an international approach inspired by the most famous American bloggers.
Not only does our Influencer write about fashion, but she’s also a makeup lover and provides accurate reviews on specific products. And what about cookies? Read our interview to find it out!

Apart from being a blogger, what do you do in your life?

“I have an office job and a degree in Economics; I do not work in the Fashion field. I consider blogging as my passion and my blog as my creative outlet.”

 How do you balance being a successful blogger?

“It is hard to succeed in balancing blogging with other activities, since blogging is such a time consuming activity. I try to be as connected to my readers as I can but I do not jeopardize my private life. It requires a lot of discipline and self-motivation to do everything, but since I do not consider blogging as a chore, I do it because I like it and I find the time to update my blog regularly.”


 I know your dream is to live in NYC. Are you planning to move there in the future?

“Oh, I would like that, even though I am in love with Italy and I have many reasons to keep living here, family, my house, my job. You know…a girl can dream, and in life, never say never ;)”

Tell us more about your love for cookies. Do you cook real American cookies when you are at home?;)

“When I first started blogging, more than 6 years ago, I came down with this name because I wanted to point out that fashion was a way to make my life sweeter and more enjoyable, like Cookies do. Said that, I love the real American cookies and sometimes I love try some recipes! Also, I confess my pancakes are delicious ;)”


What is the thing you love the most about blogging?

“The thing I love the most is being able to have a worldwide audience and share my passions with other people. The world has no borders anymore, and fashion is a universal language.”

vale fashion cookies

Imagine your life as a fashion blogger in New York. Do you think it would be much different? And why?

 “I would surely have more beautiful background spots for my outfit pics, and so many more events to attend. Not to mention I have quite a few inspiring bloggers in the USA I’d love to meet. I admit most of the bloggers I look at are American and I consider my own way to blog as international.”

 The makeup accessory you always keep in your bag is ….

“Lipstick. Especially if it’s a bright red or a fuchsia, it can make you feel beautiful and look more rested straight away!”

Vale 5

Do you have a makeup daily routine for your skin?

 “I love makeup and I have so many products. I always apply my serums and hydrating creams before makeup and then my favorite foundation (at the moment it’s Chanel Les Beiges liquid foundation). I never go out without mascara and a good dose of blush + lipstick. Not to mention a veil of highlighter on my cheekbones! I love makeup and I could go on talking about it for days, I am a true makeup addict.”


Our Influencer Valentina chose an amazing pair from Tom Ford. Did you like it? Check here to find yours!

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