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Short Presents ft. Kayla Short
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Short Presents ft. Kayla Short

Short Presents ft. Kayla Short

A love affair from teaching to trendsetting

With a guest spot on The Huffington Post, her own company and, a take-no-prisoners approach to the world, Kayla Short is rising as one of the latest fashion bloggers to keep an eye on this year. Find her fashion blog here.

When Kayla popped up on our radar earlier this year, we couldn’t help but gaze in awe at her never-ending, green-eye inducing Instagram feed and plethora of OOTD posts, peppered of course with designer threads. Here it seemed – another fashion blogger whose life is all about smiles and butterflies.

Humble beginnings…

Most people would be surprised to know that I’m actually a fully qualified teacher – Kayla.

“Most people would be surprised to know that I’m actually a fully qualified teacher,” muses Kayla and with this, we journeyed into the life of Short Presents. Short Presents – by her definition – is a lifestyle blog that focuses on food, fashion, beauty and travel, but this is a rather modest intro. Her blog is a psychotically, on-point blend of inspiration on all things pretty and perfect. “I started blogging while I was teaching as a way to keep track of my recipes and it quickly became a way for me to share all my interests from food, fashion, beauty, and travel,” says Kayla.

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Looking at her blog, it would appear she took like a duck to water with fashion blogging. But, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. “The most challenging part of blogging was when I working full time… and trying to balance everything at the same time. Now that it’s my day job, I need to manage everything that much better.  It’s also a bit of a problem as I live on the East Coast, so my biggest battle is wind. Either my hair is completely horizontal or my dress is blowing up. The struggle is real,” she laughs.

It can be really stressful is when I’m waiting on a package that hasn’t arrived, and I’m approaching a deadline – Kayla.

As a child, Kayla was never one to fit the mold and this is quite clear when we asked her who her first style icon was. “Elton John or Zsa Zsa Gabor, “she says.

kayla-short-short-presents-smartbuyglasses-elton-john short-presents-kayla-zsa-zsa-gabor

 My mom used to called me Elton or Zaza all the time because I always wanted to be dressed up, or wear makeup. I would wear every piece of jewellery I owned, and always wanted pretty shoes, my hair done, and of course my sunnies – my favourite accessory! – Kayla.

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Kayla’s delightfully humorous fashion inspo in her early years has since tamed down, ever so slightly. Today, her flamboyant style has been replaced with sartorial choices that are more refined. She’s evolved into a pragmatic fashionista – eyewear included.

A love affair with eyewear…

I suffer from migraines so sunnies are just as practical as they are stylish for me. I also feel like they REALLY complete a look – I honestly kind of feel naked without my sunnies -Kayla.

Kayla was gracious enough to share some insight on her favourite eyewear pieces this season and….what a selection!



There’s something about the vintage shape of these Givenchy glasses that drew me in. But also because they looked a little smaller. I have a smaller face, so it’s tricky to find sunnies that suit my face shape, but these were in instant love. And I know I’m going to get A LOT of wear out of them. Also I have a soft spot for black sunnies (I mean they go with everything).


I love tortoise shell glasses, and maybe it’s because they effortlessly suit my hair color, and skin color, but they are always a go-to for me.

short-presents-kayla-smartbuyglasses-23fashion blog

short-presents-kayla-smartbuyglasses-celine-caty short-presents-kayla-smartbuyglasses-celine-caty-1

Cat eye sunnies always.. They are timeless and will never go out of style in my eyes – bad pun intended!

Let’s get personal…

Beyond the endless list of reasons to love her blog, one thing that really shines through is her humble perspective, she’s pretty cognizant that she’s not a one woman show.

Short Presents was actually a gift and arguably the best one I’ve ever received. My boyfriend saw something in me that I didn’t even realize existed, and he started my blog… he’s still very helpful to this day, and I count my lucky stars every day that he is so generous with his time, and his support. He really is the best Instagram/blogging husband. He’s just as fun as I am so he really encourages me to be myself, and really shows through in my photos, and social media – Kayla.


It’s early evening on a Friday and Kayla is waiting for her flight back home. She’s on her way from an event where she was honoured by The Huffington Post (alongside the Prime Minister of Canada and Drake,  might we add) and she lists events like this as a credit to her success.

Attend, attend attend events! It sounds counter-intuitive, but I really think there’s something to be said about meeting people in real life. I get the best and most loyal followers after meeting them in real life – Kayla.




On her way and up…

It’s a busy life these days for Miss Short. While she’s a little coy about revealing her impending plans, she does share a little bit. “I have some fun campaigns in the works that you’re not going to want to miss, but also I’m heading to New York in July so be sure to watch for some BEAUTIFUL shots of coffee and touristy things. Despite having been there twice already I love New York, and I love documenting EVERYTHING”.  With her success has come her brand’s extension to social media and she’s quite a big fan.

I LOVE all of them for various reasons, and I love connecting with people, but I’ve been really loving snapchat lately. I really feel like Snapchat is like the most expressive and intimate version of myself – Kayla.

So what’s she looking forward to when she manages to get some down time? “Dance! I used to teach dance (belly dancing of all things), but have since scaled back to allow for a more flexibility for travel, but I still take dance classes, and I LOVE THEM. You can usually find me busting a move pretty much anywhere, or singing my heart out to my favorite tune”. And her weirdest interest?  “Honestly I kind of think a lot of my interests are weird. I’m a little weirdo about 99.9% of the time, so most things I do are probably “weird” to some people. Especially the fact that I don’t love shopping for myself. I’m much more interested in helping others pick out a look, or make them feel better about themselves. I tend to feel like I don’t need a lot”.

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A girl after our hearts! Check out Kayla’s fashion blog, Short Presents, here and emulate her style with a pair of shades at SmartBuyGlasses.

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