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From Texas With Love – Flashes of Style Ft. Bonnie Barton
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From Texas With Love – Flashes of Style Ft. Bonnie Barton

From Texas With Love – Flashes of Style Ft. Bonnie Barton

From Texas With Love

In her tender 20s, Bonnie Barton of Flashes of Style is taking her passion for beauty, fashion and life to the next level. Since starting her blog 8 years ago, she has dazzled us with her quirky outfits and inspirational outlook on life. A Texas native, she superbly translates an upbringing in a place typically know for its conservative rural, cotton, cattle, and oil industries into something more.


Her blog is filled with floaty, girly outfits adorned with feminine touches, pastel hues and a generous does of lace and crocheted patterns.

At a time where almost every young woman has her own blog, Bonnie most definitely stands out. We were lucky enough to spends a few moments with her earlier this year and our love for Flashes Of Style continues to grow at break speed. Find out what this chic style maven has to say about fashion, eyewear and what keeps her ticking.

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So you started working as a stylist before getting into blogging. Can you talk us through how you made the jump?

I have always aspired to work in fashion in some way or another. In college I studied fashion merchandising, where I actually started my fashion blog. My professional career has always gone hand in hand with my blog in a way. By starting my fashion blog in college, it kind of gave me a head start before I graduated college in working in fashion!

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What has been the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

I would say balancing my blog life with my personal life. At some points it can be difficult to draw the line between capturing my life on social media and staying present in actual life. But at the end of the day, taking photos and documenting all the beauty in my life for my followers is such a passion for me. It’s all about balance.


How would you describe your blogging style?

I have always enjoyed writing, however my real passion comes from the photography part of my blog. I  love capturing beautiful moments in my life , whether it be an adorable bag I just got, or a spectacular sunset.


Blogging is basically your personal brand, how do you manage time to run your blog efficiently? You must be under a lot of pressure…

It can definitely be difficult at times to manage everything, however I always create a content calendar to make sure I get everything done that I need to. That way, the business side is taken care of and I can focus all my energy on my favorite part- the creative efforts.


What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog/strengths that have really helped you in blogging?

Staying connected with fellow bloggers and brands that I love. Collaborations and always putting myself out there have been tremendously rewarding for me.


Tell me about your proudest achievement/ ‘I’ve made it’ moment in your blog career.

There’s been a few moments where I am like “wow is this really my life?!”, but one of my favorites was having a spread in Seventeen magazine.


 Greatest achievement outside of blogging?

I have always wanted to live in NYC, so after I graduated college I moved there and spent a beautiful 3 years in the city of my dreams!

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What do you do in your spare time?

I love seeing live music, vintage shopping, hikes, basically anything outdoors! Also I am utterly obsessed with my cat, Eleanor.

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Weirdest interest?

hmmm… I really like watching the history channel while I get ready for the day. Is that weird?!

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Greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?

Being able to connect with girls all around the world that have a passion for the same things I do!




Who was your first style icon?

My first style icon was Audrey Hepburn when I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s as a young teenager. She was just so elegant embodied everything that inspires me.


Who takes the majority of your photos?

I actually take a lot of photos myself on a tripod , believe it or not! Otherwise I love working with local photographers in Austin, TX where I live


Biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

Like I said before, the whole balance between my public life on social media and my private day-today life!



You’re on quite a few platforms (blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram). Which platform has been most important for you?

Definitely Instagram. I love curating my feed with all the beautiful things from my day to day life. Also it has been an amazing way to connect with my followers.



Any fun plans for this year that we should look out for on social media/your blog?

I have a some fun things in store, before the end of this year! A particular design collaboration that I am quite excited about. Stay tuned!



We saw that you really liked your Fendi glasses! What made you choose them?

I absolutely adore the Fendi glasses I chose. They are a beautiful tortoise shade and are definitely a statement accessory to any outfit!

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What makes eyewear an important accessory for you?

I really love a piece of eyewear to have a lot of character, and I personally like when it stands out! Thick frames, or over-sized styles are my favorite.

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What trends do you think we’ll see for eyewear this year?

I really like translucent frames, or pastel frames!

Flashes Of Style

What are some of your favourite eyewear styles?

Yes sure! I’m a big fan of Ray-Ban but I’m also loving Le Specs at the moment.

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For more information, check out Bonnie’s blog and Instagram feed. You can also shop some of her favorite eyewear styles here.

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