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10 Questions With …. Curated By Amy
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10 Questions With …. Curated By Amy

10 Questions With …. Curated By Amy

Amy Piotrowski one of Canada’s leading bloggers, launched her site in her early twenties and now has an international fan base and followers on Instagram in the thousands. Her first love is fashion, but her blog (Curated By Amy) also includes posts on food, beauty, travel, home decor and much more. In an exclusive interview, the fashionable starlet muses about what makes her tick, from The Beatles to bagels at 4am.



10 Questions With …. Curated By Amy

Favorite season?

Fall! Cozy sweaters, scarves, crisp air, pretty leaves… Need I say more.



Favorite place to live?

I’ve only lived in one place my entire life, so I guess you could say I am slightly biased… Toronto! Go Jays go!



Favorite color?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite color but I love neutrals – white, black, grey and beige. I also love touches of metallic and leopard prints. Leopard is a color right?



Least favorite food?

I’m not a huge meat eater, so anything that is visibly on the bone (e.g ribs) freak me out. It’s been a thing of mine since I was a little girl and can’t seem to shake it.



Top 3 bands?

Like of all time? Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Beatles… Four? The Beach Boys. I could listen to every single song they ever created, on repeat.



Three things in your bag you can’t live without?

My iPhone (although I’m pretty sure it’s glued to my hand most of the time), sunglasses, and lipbalm.



It’s 4 am on a Saturday night… What would you eat?

A bagel or an English muffin with cream cheese, tomato and salt and pepper. Added bonus if the salt is Maldons. I know it sounds boring, but I crave this on the regular.



Which famous person would you like to have coffee with?

Hmm… That’s a difficult one.



Favourite quote?

Kindness is always fashionable.



…best gift you ever received?

When I was little my family went on this ski vacation and I had fallen in love with a doll at the gift store. My dad went out that night and surprised me with it the next morning. It was handsdown… The. Best. Gift. Ever.


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